Impact Of Financial Access On Entrepreneurial Intention: Mediating Role Of Attitude, Subjective Norm And Behavioral Control


  • Amber Suresh Pohwani
  • Ealiya Batool


The world is moving towards digitalization at a faster pace and customers today wish to
have every solution to a problem just a few clicks away. The importance of online shopping was
majorly highlighted in the current pandemic situation, where conventional stores strived hard to make
their online presence to generate revenues through the traffic that is shopping online. This major shift
has convinced Pakistani’s entrepreneurs to open their business online while saving cost of
conventional stores, but they lack knowledge on the advance tools of digital selling therefore are
facing difficulty in setting up a successful ecommerce business model. Financial access as an
independent variable with Entrepreneurial Intention as the dependent variable and mediators like
personal attitude, subjective norm and perceived behavioral control plays an important role in this
paper explaining the impact and relationship amongst themselves. The reason for consumers to move
towards online shopping due to various reasons like convenience, timesaving, variety of products,
comparison of different brands at the same time, website features, etc. Due to rapid changes in
customer behavior concerning shopping online is becoming a threat to conventional shopping, in order
to gain revenues from the traffic that is moving towards online shopping, conventional businesses
entrepreneurs should develop digital strategies to make their online presence. IN-Stores should also
have E-Stores in this modern era so that their business model doesn’t become stale, and they should be
in line with modern digital shopping trends. The study concludes that businesses to survive in this
modern era need to be updated with all the digital tools and execute digital strategies for online
presence to establish a successful business model one should have positive entrepreneurial
intentions, financial access, and other mediators of the study by Ajzen theory.
Keywords: Entrepreneurial Intention, E-commerce Business Model, Online Shopping, Conventional Shopping, Financial Access, Perceived Behavioral
Control, Subjective Norm, Personal Attitude




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