Evaluating the Effect of Trust as a Mediator between Conflict Management Styles and Employee Performance


  • Dr. Sheikh Raheel Manzoor IQRA National University Swat Campus
  • MunsifUllah IQRA National University, Swat Campus
  • HayatUllah IBMS, The University of Agriculture, Peshawar


Organizational conflict is one of the most critical issues within the workplace setting.
Workplace conflict is a complex phenomenon that considerably influences employee performance and
attitude. The various researchers used different conflict management styles (CMS) to solve workplace
conflicts inside the organization. The current research study examines the influence of CMS on
employee trust and performance. The study targeted population was the middle and lower-level
managers of International Brands Limited (IBL), Pakistan. The data were gathered from the various
branches of IBL, Pakistan. The primary data was collected by using questionnaires. The data were
evaluated via mediation analysis. The result revealed that the CMS has a positive influence on
employee performance and employee trust. Second, employee trust has a positive effect on employee
performance, and lastly, employee trust complementary mediates the relationship between CMS &
employee performance. The study will assist the students in expanding their understanding of conflict
management styles, employee trust and performance.
Keywords: Conflict Management, Performance, Trust, Employee, Workplace, IBL

Author Biographies

MunsifUllah, IQRA National University, Swat Campus


Hod, Management Sciences Department, Iqra National Uni.Swat Campus.

HayatUllah, IBMS, The University of Agriculture, Peshawar