The power of consumer values: Assessing role of Price Sensitivity in driving Environmental values and Green Purchase Intentions


  • Neelam Akbar Marwat Lecturer University of Swat


Using theory of planned behaviour as theoretical lens, we examine the importance of eco-friendly practices in line with concept of triple bottom-line. The rationale of the study is to examine the association between Environmental-values (EVs) and green purchase intentions with the role of a moderator construct i.e., price sensitivity. The study employed a multistage sampling procedure on the basis of regional divisions of KPK province with respect to number of districts and population size. The proposed connections were checked through structural equation modelling using Amos and SPSS. Results showed insignificant impact of environmental values on green purchase intentions. Moreover, with insignificant association of EVs and GPIs with no further processing was prevalent due to independent and dependent constructs falling in insignificant zones. The study concludes the importance of price sensitivity in less income groups and argues for due consideration for infusing pro-environmental laden values in target area of study price sensitivity biggest stumbling block in survival-oriented, poor and resource strapped markets. The study contributes to the body of knowledge in the field of environmental marketing and green consumerism in less developed areas of Pakistan. The study furthers debate on environmental value creation in light of theory of planned behaviour and anthropogenic pressures to create awareness regarding environmental value creation for attainment of people, planet and people dimension of triple bottom-line concept

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