Does gender moderate the perceived support and entrepreneurship intention relationship? An empirical enquiry


  • Dr. Muhammad Tahir University of Technology & Applied Sciences, Nizwa
  • Dr. Badshah Hussain Lecturer HR, Centre for Management & Commerce, University of Swat, Pakistan
  • Dr, Naveed Farooq Associate Professor, Institute of Business Studies and Leadership, Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan, Pakistan


Entrepreneurship promotion is a goal of most governments due to its various socio-economic benefits. Many models explains as what factors can encourage citizens of a country to engage in entrepreneurship activity. In this regard, various types of support which is available to indiviauls is important factor and evidence suggests that support can influence positively to an individuals to engage in entrepreneurial activity. However, there is little literature available as how the support is perceived and influence entrepreneurship orientation differently by various demographic factors such as gender, age, and social background. In the present study, we investigate this issue by using the perceived support model (educational, relational, and structural) and influence on entrepreneurship intention in Oman context. The study used cross-sectional survey method for data collection and employed convenience non-random sampling approach (n=662). The reliability and validity is tested using the Confirmatory Factor Analysis performed through AMOS. The path analysis indicate that perceived educational support (β=.042, <.05); and perceived structural support (β=.088, P<.05) has positive and significant influence on entrepreneurship intention among the individuals. Furthermore, moderation result indicate that the influence of perceived educational support (ΔX2= 2.96, P<.05); and perceived structural support (ΔX2= 3.24, P<.05) on entrepreneurship intention is significantly different between male and female. The result shows that both genders perceive support differently and thus requires more customized interventions.

Keywords: Gender, Perceived Support, Entrepreneurship, Intentions, Youth, Oman, Gulf.




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