Examining Motivation and Nurses Performance in the Punjab Private Health Sector: Mediation of Work Engagement, Employee Engagement, and Moderation of Working Environment



Employees are the pillars of an institution and are valued as its jugular vein, through which the organization's growth reveals. It is a fact that the existence, presence, and survival of an organization within the market revolves around the concept of employees’ motivation. This paper aims to examine the motivation and nurses performance in the Punjab private health sector through intervening role of work engagement, employee engagement and working environment as moderating variable. It is a cross-sectional-based quantitative explanatory study supported by Herzberg’s Two-Factor theory of motivation having adopted questionnaire comprising five points Likert-scale for a sample size of 599 nurses through a convenience sampling technique. Data was tested and examined by structural equation modeling (SEM) utilizing the latest version of Smart PLS Results demonstrated a significantly positive influence of motivation on nurses performance and connection amongst the concepts having direct, mediation, and moderation impact. The findings corroborate previous studies, and the contribution is justified by filling the research gaps.

Author Biography

Junaid Jahangir, Preston University Islamabad

HEC Approved Supervisor and Assistant Professor in Business Management at Faculty of Management Sciences

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