Journey of Co-creation from Marketing to Management Literature: A Narrative Literature Review


  • Muhammad Umar Shahzad Air University School of Management, islamabad
  • Dr. Amir Ishaque Assistant Professor, Air University School of Management, Islamabad



Research on interpersonal collaboration for creative work started in the early
1970s by management scholars. Later on, the concept of value co-creation was
first presented in the marketing literature by Prahalad and Ramaswamy in 2004.
Since then, there has been significant development on the value co-creation
concept by marketing scholars who contributed a lot regarding value co-creation
literature. Due to this reason, a perception was developed that the concept of
relational co-creation is related only to the field of marketing. However, over the
period, the concept of value co-creation transformed into a relational co-creation
construct that has been increasingly used in the literature of human resource
management as well. Concepts such as relational co-creation, HR co-creation, and
intimate co-creation are getting the increased attention of management scholars.
However, there is no previous narrative review that summarized the co-creationbased literature concerning its emergence from marketing towards human
resource management. The current study has addressed this literature gap with the
help of a narrative literature review by reviewing 46 peer-reviewed research
papers and 4 books from established databases. Results revealed that the concept
of value co-creation in marketing had an inspiration from the co-innovation
concept earlier applied in the field of design engineering. The value co-creation
concept’s popularity in marketing literature and practice made it a source of
discussion for relational co-creation in HRM and management literature with the
evolution of intimate co-creation and HR co-creation in the literature of
management. These developments have exceptional implications for management
scholars and practitioners.

Key Words: Narrative review, value co-creation, HR co-creation, intimate co-creation, PRISMA framework, relational co-creation

JEL Classification: M 19, J 24