Assessment of Relational Coordination Ties Among Healthcare Professionals in Peshawar, KP, Pakistan

Assessment of Relational Coordination Ties


  • Abid Ahmad Islamia College Peshawar
  • Dr. Fayaz Ali Shah Islamia College Peshawar
  • Dr. Shahid Jan Kakakhel Islamia College Peshawar


The relational coordination (RC) construct explains coordination among
individuals or groups from different functional areas to perform inter-related
tasks. This research assesses the Relational Coordination (RC) level among
healthcare professionals as they perform coordinated tasks of patient care.
Healthcare professionals employed in the three largest public sector hospitals
in Peshawar, Pakistan constitute the study population, from which sample was
drawn using quota sampling procedure. Findings suggest that relational
coordination ties were strongest among the functional groups of residents and
nurses and doctors and residents. The RC ties among nurses and technicians
and nurses and doctors were also found to be moderately strong. Relational
coordination ties among functional groups of doctors and technologists,
technologists and nurses, technicians and doctors, technicians and residents,
administrators and doctors, and administrators and technologists were
observed to be weak. However, the frail RC linkages were observed between
administrators and nurses, residents and administrators, and administrators
and technicians. These weakest ties require appropriate interventions on the
part of the leaders and managers of healthcare service-providing facilities.

Relational Coordination,Healthcare,Peshawar, Interventions

Author Biographies

Abid Ahmad, Islamia College Peshawar


Department of Management Scinces, CECOS University

Dr. Fayaz Ali Shah, Islamia College Peshawar

Assistant Professor, Department of Management Sciences


Dr. Shahid Jan Kakakhel, Islamia College Peshawar

Associate Professor, Department of Management Sciences




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