Arab Spring Genesis through Manipulation of Islamic Rhetoric


  • Dr. Asfandyar Department of International Relations, Qurtuba University of Science & Information Technology Peshawar
  • Sajjad Ali Lecturer in Political Science University of Buner.


Islam is the primary motivating factor in the Muslim world in general and specifically in the Arab world. Whenever there is an uprising in the Muslim world it is primarily motivated by Islam or the individual gets their aspiration from Islamic rhetorical slogans depicting Islamic identity and affiliation. The Arab upheaval commonly known as Arab Spring was a product primarily of domestic and foreign factors still Islam and Islamic rhetoric was extensively used to accelerate the momentum in favour of the uprising and drive the motives of the demonstrators and many new regimes that got power in the post-uprising governments were Islamists. This paper analyzes the use of Islamic Rhetoric in the process of upheaval in the Arab world primarily understood as Arab Spring.