A Qualitative Investigation of Issues and Success Stories of Online Teaching in Pakistani Higher Education in the Context of Covid-19 Pandemic


  • Dr. Itbar Khan University of Malakand
  • Dr.Aziz Ahmad University of Malakand
  • Dr. Tariq Khan Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Malankand


Online learning has become an unavoidable mode of learning in the current world; however, COVID-19 made it a necessity for education. Like the rest of the world, Pakistani universities shifted to online mode when education institutions were closed during the pandemic. Online teaching and learning experiences were comparatively new in Pakistan, and teachers faced numerous problems in dispensing online learning. This paper reports on the issues and successes in online teaching at the university level in Pakistan's rural public sector universities. Findings expose that the main issues in online teaching are internet connectivity, lack of university support, deficient online teaching skills of teachers, the readiness of teachers and students, and lack of equipment for students. The study recommends that IT may be made a permanent element in teaching and learning at the university, the university should support teachers in the form of proper net/tools and teacher training, and students should be given orientation on online learning.

Keywords: Online learning, university teachers, perspectives, issues, success stories.