Ambiguities of Thematic Meaning: A study of English Translation of Allama Iqbal’s “Shikwa and Jawab -i- Shikwa


  • Haleema Sadia Naeem Butt International Islamic university Islamabad
  • Dr. Nighat Shakur International Islamic university Islamabad


This paper intends to analyse ambiguities in thematic meaning by studying the translation of Iqbal’s Shikwa and Jawab-i-Shikwa. A framework was created by considering basic variables of this study i.e., study of meaning, ambiguity, thematic loss and meaning in translation. The core theoretical framework lies in theory of meaning provided by Saussure and other variables were studied by adapting translation theories provided by Jacobson, Nida, and Baker. As the study is qualitative in nature, therefore, analytical framework used the technique of Content analysis. Categories were neither pre-conceived nor adapted from some previous research. After deeply studying the sample, researcher formulated the categories. Based on these categories, meaning was analysed, and ambiguities were pointed out. The findings of this study revealed that translation of those texts which are deep rooted in culture, history, and religion are different from other texts. Hence, they require deep knowledge and understanding of target language. The results of study showed that Iqbal’s work needs to be included in National curriculum because it will help in revival of Muslim history. 

Keywords: Ambiguity,  Iqbal’s poetry, Meaning, translation, Thematic meaning.