The Impact of Employed Women on The Social Development of Their School Going Children

Muhammad Younes, Rabia Zulfiqar


This research was conducted to determine the impact of employed female Teachers on the social development of their school going children. Ten private schools were purposively selected and so female teachers, their husbands and one school child made the sample of the study. A questionnaire was developed involving five variables i.e. Financial Support to the house hold (FSH), Socialization/Culturalization of children (CSH), Provision of modern facilities at home (PMF), Budgeting time and social development of children. The questionnaire was pilot tested for reliability which yielded Cronbach Alphas from .77 to .90. The data so collected was process through SPSS-23 applying various statistical tools. The data analysis confirmed that the employed female teachers do considerably contribute towards the social development of children and social mobility of their families.

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