Mapping the Factors Affecting to Work Life Balance of Women Entrepreneurs


  • Aalia Aslam Bajwa university of sindh jamshoro
  • Imamudin Khoso
  • Nizamudin Channa


This study examined work-life balance in Sindh's entrepreneurial enterprises. This study focuses on the effect of six aspects on women entrepreneurs' work-life balance in Sindh. This study examined 500 Sindh women entrepreneurs. Smart PLS analyzed data. Independent variables are factor-analyzed for correlation and strength with the dependent variable. The theory is tested by measuring women entrepreneurs' work-life balance. According to this research, women entrepreneurs have a high level of role overload and related WLB problems. The WLB suffers from increased working hours and stress, which can cause physical issues including insomnia, sleeping disorders, and depression, all of which can lead to severe health risks. Most aspiring female entrepreneurs are already overwhelmed by their family obligations and tasks. On the other hand, women entrepreneurs have to put in more time developing and maintaining their businesses, and Women's WLB were below average. These entrepreneurs juggle work stress and caring also Women entrepreneurs may enhance WLB ratings by working well, managing people skills, and building a support network. Women entrepreneurs should take a vacation and Relax with their family members to avoid stress and other depression-related symptoms. Every woman has to make plans, get things in order, and establish limits that work in both the professional and personal spheres. Role Overload, Entrepreneurial Related Health Issues, Dependent Care Issues, Long Hours of Work, and Support Networks all had negative means indicating that respondents thought these characteristics negatively affect.               

Keywords: enterprises, work-life balance, Women's Business Boundaries, Businesswomen, Dependent Care Issues, Long Hours of Work, and Support Network




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