Mediating Role of Career Development Program on Employee’s Motivation and Job Satisfaction in Telecom Sector Peshawar

Faisal Sheraz, Saima Batool, Dr Shirmeen Ijaz


The aim of the research study was to analyze the significance of CDP (career development program) on employees’ motivation and job satisfaction at telecom sector. A questionnaire consisting of close ended questions rated specifically on 5-point likert scale is adopted and conducted on 206 employees working in telecom sector. In the study of concern variables, the input obtained from the evaluation of the survey results was interpreted by using SPSS statistics software and process macro. The study revealed a significant relationship between career development program and employee’s motivation and job satisfaction. It was found that CDP as a mediating variable helped to explain the relationship among the different variables. Lack of such development program after training is of great interest for both employees and management of the concern organization. The lack of career development program affects the motivation level and job performance level. However, how Career development influences certain other variables like employee turnover etc is still yet to be researched. The objectives of the study were to find out the relationship and mediating effect among career development program on employees’ motivation and job satisfaction. A case study research was designed where information was requested and obtained mainly through the use of adopted questionnaires.  In the light of the findings, the outcomes of the study were discussed, analyzed and recommendations for concern department as well as for other sectors were presented.

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