Risk Perception: Market Factors and Investment Decisions in Sports Equipment.


  • Muhammad Salman IBA, Gomal University D I Khan https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5425-5613
  • Dr. Aziz Javed Institute of Business Administration, Gomal University, Pakistan. Email: azizjaved@gu.edu.pk
  • Noor Muhammad Department of Sport Sciences and Physical Education, Gomal University, Pakistan Email: marwatnoor@yahoo.com


This study examines the market factors affecting investment decisions in sports equipment through the mediation role of risk perception. Market factors are used as independent variables while investment decision is taken as a dependent variable and risk perception is used as a mediating variable. An adapted questionnaire was used to collect the data through a convenient sampling technique. The collected data were analyzed through correlation, regression, and simple mediation. The results showed that there was a significant and positive relationship amongst research variables. Besides, the results of the regression recommended that predictors were a significant effect on investment decisions. Furthermore, risk perception mediates the relationship between market factors and investment decisions.

Keywords: Investment Decisions, Market Factors, Risk Perception, Sports Equipment’s.

Author Biography

Muhammad Salman, IBA, Gomal University D I Khan

PhD Scholar, IBA, Gomal University, Pakistan