Online Buying and Customer Satisfaction in the Era of Transformative Marketing

Muhammad Farooq, Muhammad Saeed, Waqas Ali, Rehman Javid


This study explores the factors affecting service quality on the purchasing satisfaction of consumer in Pakistan in the era of transformative marketing. The primary goal of this article was to examine the association among website design, customers trust, customization of website influence on customer satisfaction. This current study constructed online survey questionnaires by utilizing the google forms. The link of the questionnaire was floated in Pakistan. This study gathered data on 450 respondents. In the data cleaning process, 300 questionnaires were suitable filled questionnaires other were omitted from the analysis. The firsts phase of study include demographics (age, occupation, gender, and education). Based on the data collected, this study revealed that the website design, trust, and customization are essential in customers satisfaction. However, trust is the main component. It has 34% impact on customer satisfaction. In general customers have trust on the e-commerce sites. Customers also provide their email and credit card info on the sites. Website design and customization also appeared as important variables impacting on customer satisfaction. Due to digitalization, the customers want only their preferred products and services on sites. As companies can record every customer website interaction history, therefore keeping the record and displaying every customer unique product recommendation is recommended for the online site managers. Due evolution on the internet and the increase in mobile phone penetration today customers aware, and empowered. The customer can purchase items from a nearby local shop, or simultaneously, they can also purchase products from another country. Hence this empowerment led to increased individual preferences. This study beneficial for the e-commerce business to The study is beneficial for e-commerce (websites) companies to know their clients and provide them with better services.

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