Investigating the Impact of Customers Perception regarding the Quality and Brand Loyalty with Mediating Role for Satisfaction


  • Umar Siddique City University of Science and Information Technology, Peshawar


This research has investigated the impact of customers' perception regarding the quality and its relation with the brand loyalty, where perception about quality is independent variable, brand loyalty is dependent variable and customer satisfaction has as mediating variable. This study reveals the relationship among the mentioned variables. There has a dire need to investigate the same phenomenon in Pakistani context especially in the footwear industry. Thus this research has been conducted in the industry of Pakistan. The customer in outlets of Bata and Service – a big shoes marketing industries in Pakistan – plays a key role in the mentioned context; hence, this category was selected as population of the research. The data has been collected through questionnaire and reliability was checked through Alpha. A linear regression test has also been carried out to determine the relationship between dependent and independent variables, whereas mediation of customer satisfaction has examined. The association among perceived quality and brand loyalty is also significant, which shows that there is a direct relationship between found for perceiving the quality and brand loyalty of these products. The results generated from regression analysis revealed that the perceived quality has significantly positive impact on brand loyalty through identified customer satisfaction, which has mediating role.