Impact of Reward System, Training and Deveopment on Organizational Competitiveness


  • Muhammad Tariq City University of Science and Information Technology, Peshawar


Reward System and Training and Development importance has achieved the
attention of the organizations employers in few years. This study is about the
impact of training and development and reward system on organizational
This research was conducted in the banking sector of the Peshawar region. 150
questionnaires were distributed among employees in which male and female are
involved in banks of Peshawar region out of which 131 was return which is 87.4
% of the sample. Random sampling is used. Four hypotheses are there in this
research the 1st one is that there is positive association between reward system
on organizational competitiveness and the second hypothesis is that there is no
relation between reward systems on organizational completeness. The 3rd
hypothesis was that there is constructive relation between T&D and
organizational competitiveness. The 4rth hypothesis is that there is no relation
among T&D and organizational competitiveness.
After the result 1st hypothesis was accepted and also 3rd one. It showed that
reward system and T&D have constructive influence on organizational
completeness. The research is almost quantitative in nature. The data was
collected from top 5 banks i.e. Allied Bank Limited, Habib Bank Limited, Bank
of Khyber, United Bank Limited, and Muslim Commercial Limited in Peshawar.
Regression test was used in SPSS 16.
Maximum of the studies said that fair implementation of human resource
practices gives competitive advantage to the organization. They mostly focus the
major elements of reward system and training and development

Author Biography

Muhammad Tariq, City University of Science and Information Technology, Peshawar

Dr Muhammad Asif is Managing Editor(CUSIT Journals) working as Assistant Professor in Management Sciences Department of City University, Peshawar Pakistan.